I am a girl next door, born and bred just outside of Toronto - beginning to really live life in my twenties! 

I am a twenty five year old retired Health Care Professional + Corporate Account Manager.

I love simple, easy + carefree living. 

I am a self-care junky and cannot live without face masks + baths.

Coffee, wine + dark chocolate are my vices, but I balance it out with lots of alkaline water, chaga + organic food. 

I love all things pink, glittery + girlie BUT love camping, getting dirty and playing in the mud with my boys. 

I'm a fur-mama to sweet little Leo (who isn't that little anymore!)

I'm dating my absolute best-friend and couldn't imagine my life + business without him.

BUT, things haven't always been this way. Don't let the smile on my face fool you, because things weren't always this incredible.


In early 2015 I decided that things needed to change. I was sick, tired + exhausted, jobless + broke and really couldn't figure out the next steps that I needed to take to get me where I wanted to go.

I had spent five years in university and college programs that I knew I would never put to use, but I had big dreams for my future and figured it was the only way I could get there. I dreamt of the big house + ranch with lots of kids + dogs running around. I imagined the ability to pick up on any given day + head to the cottage or on a two week excursion to Hawaii.

In and amongst my studies I took on a job in a long term care facility working as a recreation therapist and I thought that was my forever job. It took me three years of ten hour shifts, challenging experiences and emotionally gruelling days, to realize that this was a job that I would not be able to sustain forever. 

I realized that I was in the wrong place and I have never felt such a sense of panic than I did that day.

I had zero paper to show my education, no savings and no job. I had ideas of what I wanted my life to look like but I had no idea how exactly I would get there. The life that I had dreamt of since I was a little girl, was so far out of reach. I knew that I wanted to up level my life and the lives of others, but how could I do that when I was exhausted, stressed and seriously panicked? 

All I knew was that I had to recalibrate my life and really decide what it was that I was going to do. I left my downtown condo, college program and job to move back home with my parents. It wasn't the most ideal situation, but I needed time to ultimately determine my life purpose.

In early 2015, at a time when my health was at an ultimate low, I discovered doTERRA essential oils. I immediately knew that I needed these oils in my tool belt and knew that if they had the potential to heal the digestive issues that I was struggling with, that I would be a forever client. 

Well... That essential oil company not only improved my health but also my financial state. Who knew!!

I poured myself into self-care + personal development, and made taking care of myself a priority. I always believed that I was the type of person who excelled on a busy schedule, so slowing down was difficult.

I educated myself on the multitude of ways to take care of myself and my family naturally using essential oils and experienced a level of empowerment like I have never experienced before. Nothing excited me more when my little bag of voodoo medicine (its a joke in our household) worked!

It was when I started to share all the wisdom I was learning with others that things drastically shifted. My passion went from using the oils myself, to sharing my self-care tricks with others, to empowering women to take care of themselves + their families naturally while building themselves a multiple six figure business. 

So, that brings us to today and I’ve never been so grateful to have the job that I do. The opportunity I’m given every single day to pour into my community + share this life with others is the greatest blessing in the world.

Let’s hangout over on insta and get to know each other!