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I’ll start by saying I’m not a professional in this field.

(If building a blog and website is something that you want further more in-depth support with, my incredible friend Ashley runs a course called Brand, Build, Blog. For more info, click here.)

I’m pretty sure I’ve started every single blog this way over the past little while, but the truth of the matter is that I’m not a pro at anything really. I’m just a super ambitious millennial who’s tried and failed and tried and succeeded at a lot of things. One of those things being blogging.

I started my blog four years ago, wrote a few blogs, then left my blog to hangout and wither away. I’d just on and blog during busy seasons or BOGO months but other than that it was left alone for a little while. Over the course of the past few months though, I’ve been diving deep into blogging and it’s been working.

I’ve been loving every bit of it and enjoying every second of diving deep into sharing my heart and knowledge with all of you. So thank you for reading!!

Here are my opinions on what I’ve learned after four years of running a blog:

  1. Start a blog. Duh. There are tons and tons of websites out there to start a blog but my absolute favorite is Squarespace. It gives you the option to start a blog only template or a website with a blog (white is what I have). I also love Squarespace because of their incredible marketing + commerce options too if thats something you see yourself using in the coming months of years. Blogger + Wix are two others that are very popular!

  2. Create a plan. What do you want your blog to be about? Early on in my blogging career, my blogs were simply posts that were too long for Facebook or Instagram. In the past little while, I’ve continued that by posting on social media and expanding more on a blog. Now, I strategically sit down and plan content based off of what my community is asking for. I get dozens of questions through social media, email or comments on blogs asking for further information on things. There are over 19 million blogs online, what are you going to talk about to set yourself apart? What are you really good at? Write about that. I've successfully built a MLM business as a millennial, so I talk about business tips AND lifestyle tips that my generation love. Establish yourself in a specific area. It will quickly create a fan base of like minded people.

  3. Create an editorial calendar or at least have an idea of what you’re posting about and when. Let’s just say that this portion for me isn’t anything fancy. I bought a $4 sale agenda from HomeSense that has a full weeks view. It usually takes me one week out of the month to plan content for the following month and get the blogs posted. For me, given my plan of attack for my blog and my interests, I put out 2-3 posts a week. One on business, one on life and if I have the content, one on essential oils. If you chose to start a blog as a hobby, cool. But if you chose to start a blog as a business and want to capitalize on that, then you have to have an editorial calendar or at the very least, a plan. For me, I can’t write only when I’m inspired because I have no idea when that will strike. I have to schedule it in so having a calendar helps me HUGE. So, sit down with your calendar and a pen and get to work scheduling in what you want to write about and get to work writing!

  4. Plan for photos. I’m so lucky to have a bestie who just so happens to be my photographer as well, but it wasn't always that way. Early on in my blogging and social media journey, my photos were hideous. No seriously, go look. Either hire a photographer seasonally if thats in the budget (you can find EPIC hobby photographers or students for $200 or less) and have an idea of your upcoming content and get shooting. If you’re going to take photos yourself, which I do ALOT, make sure to take your pictures without flash in front of a window (with indirect sunlight). Another top tip is to invest in presets. You can use these on the Lightroom app for free. I absolutely adore the Jillian Harris Presets. They’re beautiful and create a streamlined look on my feed and blog!

  5. Create social media content to promote. Yay, your blog has started! Now it’s time to start promoting it and social media is an incredible way to do that. Build your brand and new blog up on a social media platform that you love.

Share with me if you start a blog along with the link so we can go and show you some love!!

PS: If you’re looking for a more in depth look into creating a website and blog, my friend Ashley is hosting an amazing course called Brand, Build, Blog. For more information, visit Brand, Build, Blog.

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I’ve had this post on my heart for sometime but it never really seemed like the RIGHT time to post. How many of you feel like that about all. the. things in your life?

Today I’m going to tell you the three biggest decisions that I made that fundamentally changed my business. This isn’t going to be one of those fluffy posts that you look so forward to reading because it makes you comfy cozy. This is one of them that you sit down, and get uncomfortable reading because it’s just that… Actions that more than doubled my revenue in the course of six months and flipped my business upside down (in a good way).

You may read this and let out a little sigh because you already do many of these, or you may be like me and let out a little cry because they’re so obvious. Whatever your response, I promise that if you were to put these into action IN YOUR OWN WAY that you will see an immediate difference.

I humbled myself and dug deeper into the things that made me uncomfortable or the things I didn’t know. This one is hard, because it’s so easy as a leader to suddenly think that we’ve made it and know it all. Newsflash: You will never know it all and if you have that mentality, your business will plummet.. FAST! In the network marketing space you see this a lot.

For me, I was very uncomfortable around the topic of personal development. I KNOW… It’s crazy. I did it all the time. I listened to the audiobooks, I read the books, I listened to the podcasts and the coaching trainings. I did all the things but I never really dug deep into the learnings.

Business is my bread and butter. I love business and everything that comes along with it. The hustle, the workload, the training, the coaching. I adore every bit and piece of it and will do it every waking hour, BUT when it came to diving deeper into what I used to call the “softy” side of business, I was NOT participating.

These softy things included stuff like:

  • looking at what was truly in alignment with MY why + goals.

  • diving deep into what lit me up

  • looking at my habits, discovering why I did them and working on that

  • diving deep into my limiting beliefs + figuring out WHY my goals weren't happening

It was funny because the moment I dove into many of these things was the moment that I realized I was self-sabotaging. It was the moment that I realized that to become the best business woman and leader I could be, I had to start to unravel all of these years of being against personal development.

So, what do you have to humble yourself and dive deeper into? Maybe thats learning more about finances or maybe you’re like me and its personal development. It doesn’t matter, but stop ignoring it and get to work!

I asked for the sale. Seriously, I could leave that line there just like that and not leave an explanation but how rude is that. The truth is it is literally as simple as that. How many of us are in network marketing, in a sales based business but are freaking terrified to ask for the sale? I’d be the girl in the middle with her hand held HIGH. Sis… You are worth it, ask for the damn sale.

There are so many women entrepreneurs especially that deal with this and miss out on INCREDIBLE opportunities because of it. I’ve been called it all. Pushy, salesy, schemey. Dude, if you don’t have revenue then you don’t have a business. If you don’t have revenue then you don’t make money.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Do you believe in the product that you are selling to your clients or customers? If you believe in it, I want you to remind yourself why you personally love it so much and share those features and key points with your customers.

I’ve recorded this video here for those of you who are in direct sales (doTERRA specifically.. But it can work for anyone, just plug in your product) and need a little help in the sales department. Check’r out here.

If you’re not the video type, simply put I asked people for the sale. I stopped fearing the close and shared my favorite products with people which always ended in a purchase. When you share the products that you absolutely adore, its a natural sale.

How can you share the Home Essentials Kit in your classes or to your new customers in a way thats authentic to you so that people don’t even think twice about purchasing from you?

I wrote down my goals every single day and I stopped fearing them. Who’s afraid of goals? I can tell you now that they terrified me.

Up until I reached the rank of Diamond in my business, I had never achieved a goal that I had set. One would say that maybe my goals were too out there, or that I wasn’t setting achievable goals.. I was, but the thought of a goal terrified me. It meant that not only was I putting an end date on something, but I was in most instances putting it out to the world.

I remember in my past company setting the goal to reach the rank where I would receive money to put towards a bright and shiny Mercedes purchase. I would tell everyone and anyone that I would meet about this big goal and would ask them for their help in achieving it (I’m drop dead serious). It was gross. It wasn’t the company that told me to do this PS, it was my immature brain that couldn’t comprehend why one would set a goal and not tell the world. BUT, the date of my goal came and went so I set another one and it too came and went. Two years went by and I didn’t have the car and my business was faltering, so I closed up shop and was embarassed because every time someone saw me they’d ask how my goal was going.


That was until I realized that they were completely necessary for me to have a firm understanding of where I was actually going. Every morning I wrote out my five goals that I had for the current year. I used to do it on a scrap pad of paper and recently just upgraded to Rachel Hollis’ Start Today journals. They rock.

As much as I feared goals, I knew that to achieve my goals I had to have a clear understanding of where I was actually going and what I was working towards. I never set end dates for anything however. I set the goals, write them down everyday but don’t tie myself to a specific date or time that it has to be achieved by.

I hope this helps you + I hope that you can take your business to the next level this year!!


Over the course of the past 8 years, I’ve dabbled in a multitude of businesses.

Starting a clothing company with a boyfriend + my dad.

Starting my first network marketing business.


Over the past four years, I’ve built a thriving multi-million dollar wellness company + blog. I’ve worked out of my basement, off my kitchen table, out of a beautiful office and out of the local coffee shop with shotty wifi. I have learned SO many things over the course of the past few years about starting and running a business and regardless of what industry your in or business you want to run, this is my absolute BEST advice for those of you who are newish to the process.

  • Drop the overwhelm. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking who the heck is she to tell me that, but its the absolute truth. When you first start out your own business, it is so simple to become overwhelmed. You have a thousand to do lists on the go, a ton of people to call and a bunch of things to get setup. Slow down and take a deep breath. Break down your lists into monthly, weekly and daily and work on them in that order. Your monthly list will be your larger items, the items that are a bit bigger and require multiple things to bring them together. This would be something like launch a website, but you need to create the blog and content first. Those would be on your weekly lists or daily lists. Double check your lists and ensure that everything on them is a “must get done” and not just something that can be done at anytime. Take it one thing at a time.

  • Find a mentor. Find a leader in your field and learn everything you possibly can from them. If its someone you can physically connect with, amazing. Ask them if you can pay them to “pick their brain” and get to know everything you can. If its someone that you don’t know or can’t meet, read as many of their books as you can, listen to podcasts or audio books, take part in their trainings. Don’t be afraid to invest a little bit of money into a mentor, 1) its a business expense and 2) spend money to make money (especially when they can teach you HOW to make MORE money)

  • Is it a business or a hobby? I say this to every single person that I talk to because honestly, its a make or break for many people and their businesses. I’m sure it’s rubbing you the wrong way, but if you’ve made it this far I’m sure theres something in here for you. The truth is that many women get super excited about their new endeavour, they pour all their time and energy into it and their new business. They spend hours working on websites and social media content but after a few months realize that they’ve been so focused on the fun things that they haven’t been concerned about how to actually make money. Take yourself and your work and your business seriously, so that others will too. It doesn’t matter if its a side hustle or a full-time grind, its a business and it deserves love + respect.

  • Discover a routine that works best for you. So you just started your own business and are super excited and the BEST part? Theres absolutely no boss telling you what to do. YAY! Something you may figure out quickly though is that all the free time can be a blessing and a curse. There will be days where you don’t shower or brush your teeth because you’re knee deep in new content + in production mode and there will be days where you google new decor or online shop. When I first started my business, I fell victim to this for a few months before I realized that I HAD to keep hours similar to those that I had at my job. I set myself work hours daily from 9-3 so that I had some form of routine. I also made an effort to get up every morning, get dressed and ready. Something about the routine item of getting up, grabbing a coffee and starting my day made me a million times more productive!

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Hey sweet friend! This has become an ongoing conversation with my inner circles of friends and in my business community. How can one become confident? Weigh in over on instagram and share your thoughts. In the meantime, here are the top FIVE things that confident women do, created by a group of incredibly confident boss babes.

They cheer themselves on. As the incredible Rachel Hollis says, no one will ever care about your dreams as much as you do so why are you expecting someone else to cheer you on? YOU have to be your biggest cheerleader. Successful women are not afraid to confidently tell people what they do, what they’ve accomplished and where they’re going. Don’t confuse this with bragging, they’re simply proud of who they are and where they’ve been.

Empowered women, empower women. Not only do they cheer themselves on but they cheer every other woman on too. They lift other women up every chance they get and know that jealousy lives nowhere in the mind of a confident woman. Stop being so threatened by each other and instead lift each other up.

They’re solutions oriented, always. I annoy people at times because problems don’t last long when I’m around. Do I have an answer for everything that happens? Absolutely NOT, but I do focus on finding a solution. It doesn’t matter who you are, problems will arise BUT the key is in how you approach them. A solutions based attitude will get you anywhere! People want to work with others who come to us with answers instead of problems. Take a peak at your past few weeks.. Have you been problems focused or solutions oriented? How can we flip that around or change the trend?

They are comfortable in their own skin + know who they are. Authenticity isn’t an easy act, but when you’re confident in who you are its a heck of a lot simpler. Confident women know who they are and aren’t afraid to step up and shine in that light.

They are always ready to go. Preparation is always key. It’s funny, because you’re talking to the girl who is NEVER prepared. I never practice a presentation, I never prepare for calls and its not often that I prepare for my assistant BUT thats how I thrive. MOST confident women thrive when they’re prepared. Being prepared allows you to relax and gives you the confidence to take on any task. Always be the first person to the class or the meeting or the presentation.


Yup, its the question I get the most. Like so much so that I created a course on it.

“How do I get attention on social?”

“How do I work the algorithms"?”

“What should I post?”

The truth is there really isn’t the perfect way to grow your social presence but there is a RIGHT way.

First and foremost, know your brand. The number one way to get noticed is to build a personal brand. Before you get all freaked out and panicked, it’s not as difficult or as much work as you think. A personal brand is how your community and the world sees you. Branding took me a very long time to figure out, but once I figured it out, my social following AND impact grew exponentially. I offer an e-course on helping you figure out your personal branding. It’s incredibly important and its a topic that lights me up!

Focus on the platforms that you’re really good at. Social media is an amazing resource to grow your business, but just because your business has to be on social media doesn’t mean you should be everywhere. It can be so tempting to be everywhere but I’ve watched too many people be spread thin by trying to keep up with everything. Focus on the social networks that you’re good at number one, and second focus on the networks that match your target audience. Most millennials are on Instagram and slowly but surely Facebook is shifting to an older crowd, LinkedIn is going to be your professionals and Twitter? Who the heck knows about Twitter. Always remember its quality over quantity when it comes to social!

Stay consistent. You start out on social, create your profile and you load it up with some posts but in a few weeks the excitement will start to wear off. I know I’m being a bit of a negative Nancy but I’m a realist and have to lay it out for you as it is. I don’t have the time to sit at the computer everyday and try to brainstorm posts that I want to put up. I hate to say it but social media requires some planning. I was super resistant to it for a long time and was worried that it would come across inauthentic but it actually grew my social following and presence tenfold. My first tip for you is to batch create social media posts once a week. I schedule a few hours in once a week to sit down and brainstorm a weeks worth of posts and I schedule it. My second tip is to invest in a program that you can schedule your posts into. I use an app called Planoly and its absolutely incredible, but find something that works the best for you! Third, hire a photographer or buy stock images to use. I have a photographer that takes new photos for me seasonally and I invest in stock images so that my feed flows and looks fresh. Having images makes the process of creation a heck of a lot easier.

Create conversation. Theres literally nothing worse than watching people on social media get caught up in the show. They post, offering little to no value and don’t engage. A huge key to building a following + gaining traction is to create conversation with your community. Respond to comments, like peoples comments and think of it as a conversation instead of a one man show. Keep the social in social media!

Value, value, value. Every single time I put up a post I ask myself if I would like and read the post. If not, I won’t post it. Is it something thats valuable and adds something to someones life? Is it something that I would share with my friends? If so, then its a goodie. If not, its either in defence to something that happened, is showing something off or isn’t useful. This is why the topic of branding is so incredibly important so that you know what your target is and you know who you’re speaking to. Provide content that your community or tribe will connect with and keep it real.

For an even more in depth, deep dive into social media head over to check out my social media master class bundle.

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If you’re anything like me, you’re a podcast junkie and podcasts are a staple in your everyday life.

I listen to podcasts while I’m driving, while I blow-dry my hair and while I’m doing tasks that could use some energy like cooking or folding laundry. Podcasts are the easiest way to get your personal development in without much thinking. These are the podcasts that fuel me + are always on repeat.

I’ve also shared my absolute favorite podcast episodes. These ones I come back to when I really need that added boost of inspiration or creativity.


Freedom without Sacrificing Your Social Life

I get it.

A social life was and still is a huge component of my life, so why would I sacrifice that?

I have major FOMO when it comes to missing things because I adore the company of my close friends + some family.

Early on in my business, this was the first thing to go. I started to miss friendly get togethers, miss family dinners, miss sporting events, and it really hurt me. It broke my heart but I thought it was a necessary component of being successful. I really didn't know any better, so I'm here to teach you my tools of the trade.

I had the mindset of work your life for four years like no one else so you can live in four years like no one else will, and was full in on my plans BUT what I didn’t realize was that, that life I was creating was nothing without my friends + family. I knew right then that I had to make time for both my business and my life.

Whether you are a current network marketer, whether you have watched my journey + want to get involved but feared sacrificing everything or whether you are a small business owner who soaks up all the tricks you can.

I wanted to share it all with you today, especially how I managed to build a successful business while still maintaining a social life (I was 22 after all).

Schedule your days

I cannot push this enough. This was and continues to be one of the most important parts of my business. Early on, I wasn't scheduling my business so I worked all the time. Once I started to schedule my days, it was easy to see just how crazy I was being. When you schedule your time and have a certain amount of time to sit down and get work done, you are hyper focused. I’ll get into this a bit more when I talk about time!

I schedule my family life and then work in my work schedule. I typically work 9-3 so that the moment Aaron walks in the door I can be present. Most nights we have dinner and he’s off to hockey so sometimes my work hours take a break and extend into the evening. Discover a schedule that works for YOU and stick to it.

Communicate with your family + friends

This one right here is definitely the most comfortable thing I ever had to do in my business. Communicating with your friends, family + loved ones how important your business is to you, your goals and vision is going to make turning down invites or having to take calls around dinner time that much easier.

I had to let my friends know what I was creating, where we were going so that if I had to turn down a get together they understood why. It strengthened the relationships I had with the ones who understood and pulled me apart from the ones that just didn’t get it. But those aren’t your people, so don’t stress out about it.

Have a standing social night scheduled with friends

I know, here we come back to scheduling your time but now that you have a successful business that you’re running sometimes its going to be important to have things on the calendar.

Schedule a once a month night out with friends. We have some friends that we have one night a month scheduled and that night is always booked off in my calendar. Whether or not we go out or stay in or cancel our plans, thats a social night where I get the chance to let loose and enjoy myself. No business, just total fun and because its scheduled, I’m good with it!

Freedom without Sacrificing Your Relationship

Why would I build a business if its going to cost me my relationship? I'm asking the same question.

Early on in my business I learned a very important lesson. What I was building (the legacy), wasn't worth it if my relationship was in absolute shambles.

I used to spend every waking hour working on my business and my relationship suffered. I was always on my phone, was working on my computer during movies + date nights were non-existent.

Today, I wanna share with you my top tips to making sure that your relationship doesn't hit the fan while you build your dream business.

Its possible to have your cake + eat it too, I promise.. Its just about scheduling things accordingly.

Involve your spouse or significant other

We know they like to be involved in the things that we do, so why not just involve them?

Aaron is NOT a part of my business and nor will he ever be, but he’s the biggest support, he loves his oils and enjoys sharing them whenever he does but thats it. However, that being said he is involved in most decisions behind the scenes, he's well aware of what I am working towards creating and is always helping me achieve that.

I cannot reiterate this enough, how important it is to involve them. You cannot do this on your own so make sure to get them involved, include them in your conversations about the business, explain things to them so they get what you’re doing everyday.

Set aside time for them, regularly

This here was super important.

Every Tuesday we have date night. Its a non-negotiable and happens every week. Whether we go for dinner, go bowling, go to an escape room or just stay in and watch a move, that is our night together with no phones, computers or any distractions.

When you’re together, make sure you are all there. I cannot tell you how many times I would be having a conversation but my head just wasn’t in it. I was thinking about a placement I had to make or thinking about the work I had to do. Its just not fair, so clean that up.

Pick a night and make it happen. Whether it be weekly like us or monthly, make sure that they get your undivided attention.

Freedom without Sacrificing Time


It's the most important thing in the world.

We all have the same 24 hours in the day as Beyonce.

I remember hearing that quote and wanting to vomit because how I managed my time was horrible.

Many people don't know but for the first year and a half of my business, I worked a full time job AND commuted over two hours a day. It was amazing.

This should have been day one, because its the most common comment I get. I don't have enough time, yet the reality of it is that you don't know how to MANAGE your time.

It is possible to create absolute freedom without sacrificing your time.

You CAN build your dreams with a full time job, while you're in school, while volunteering, while mom-ing.. It is possible, let me just share with you how its all possible.

I know I’ve already touched on the topic of scheduling your social outings + relationship, but now its the chance to talk about scheduling your TIME as a whole.

One thing I want you to remember is that the busiest people THRIVE at network marketing. You’re used to having to schedule everything into your day and typically you run a fairly tight ship.

When I say I schedule everything, I mean everything. I use a system called Time Blocking and schedule everything that has to be done from morning to evening into my schedule. That means showers, calls, my coffee + reading time, yoga, workouts, date night, baths.. Everything. Looking at my day with everything scheduled is a lot less overwhelming than when its not scheduled. It also removes decision fatigue, meaning you have less to think about and you just wake up and follow your schedule.

I wanna take a second to debunk some myths about building a business with a busy schedule.

I can’t build a business with a full time job. I did, you just have to be uber critical when it comes to looking at what you do on a daily basis. Personal develop on your drive to work and take calls on your way home from work. Schedule calls or meetings on your lunch breaks so you can ensure your evenings are open for other things that come up.

I can't build a business because I have kids. I haven’t done this myself BUT I want you to flip that around to I can build a business BECAUSE I have kids. They have to be your reason and not your excuse. I think that’ll change your tune immediately but if it doesn’t… Schedule your activities when your kids go to sleep a few times a week. Save the other nights for your hubby or significant other or for social nights. Wake up an hour earlier before the house so you can have some chill time and get some reading done or whatever it is your business needs in the moment.

I can’t build a business because I’m in school. I’m going to point you right back up to the first I can’t statement about a job because the same goes for you. Also, it’s the perfect time to be building a business because you have the freedom to CHOOSE when you work and thats gold when you’re a student. Jusssss saying!

What I want you to remember is that you aren’t required to give up everything to build a legacy, but you have to be willing to compromise a little bit.

My hope is that you can see above that the excuse of I don’t have enough time isn’t typically a valid one because we can always find time in the nooks and crannies of our day. 15 minutes here and there is better than nothing, so how can you squeeze the most time out of your day to allow yourself to create freedom without a super huge amount of sacrifice?

Tell me in the comments !

Freedom without Sacrificing Money

Oh, I need a ton of money.

The comment that came out of MY mouth when I learned about the opportunity to start my own network marketing business.

Truth is, when I started my business four years ago I didn't have a cent to my name + had no room of my credit card for my kit.

I skimped out for the first year, banking all the money I made doing doTERRA + working my full time job. I didn't spend money on samples, on kits, on extra products or supplies. I lived simply because I really didn't have an option and I had big goals.

The truth is that it is possible to run a business with limited money, so take a deep sigh of relief. I was always taught that you have to spend money to make money and YES that can be true, but the beauty of network marketing is that anything beyond your monthly subscription order is optional.

When it comes to doTERRA, you are required to place a monthly order so that they ensure you are a product of the product, are using your oils and loving them so that you can share them authentically with others. Anything beyond that though is absolutely optional for you.

Sampling? Optional. Gifts + freebies? Optional. Products for make and takes? Optional.

I didn’t drop a cent on any of the above, strictly because I couldn’t.

Here are the things that I opted out of:

  • Sampling products like drams + postage

  • Gifts for my team. They were small at the time and the rank advancements were sparse so instead of spending money on gifts that I couldn’t afford, I spent time with them having them over for dinner or for a wine night.

  • Make and takes. They cost money and I didn’t have that so I stuck with ONLY oils 101 classes and kept them as simple as pie.

  • Giveaways or enrollment promotions. You guys know what I’m talking about. The leaders that sell their soul online to enroll people. Yeah, I didn’t do that. I remember early on thinking that it was absolutely necessary when in all reality its actually a deterrent for many people so don’t fall into that trap. Instead I focused on what joining our team included and the support they would receive and that was enough (I enrolled over 200 people my first two years of business)

Now, here’s what I did invest my money into:

  • Convention. It is a no brainer and I did everything in my power to be there. I sold a couch, a vacuum, old iPads.. The works, just so I could be at convention. I went and split a room with four girls, brought an extra couple hundred for food + supplies and that was all.

  • Coaching. I received consistent, incredible coaching from my upline from day one BUT I also believe in spending money on things like coaching because you will always get more out of it. I didn’t spend much but I did spend some money on hiring a life coach, energy healer + business coach early on in my business.

  • Systems. These types of things are necessary to get your business going and keeping it simple + easy to keep track of. Things like Squarespace, stock images, Canva. All of the things that help your business to run smoothly.

Now, the things that I spend my money on within my business are very different but I receive just as much benefit + gratification from them as I did in the beginning. You absolutely DO NOT have to sacrifice your bank account to create freedom. Its an absolute mis-conception that has to go in my industry.

MLM for the Millennial Course Breakdown

I'm only an Elite.

I can't afford it. 

I'm not sure I'm ready. 

I've heard it all this past week from YOU guys, who want to take part in this program so desperately BUT keep putting up walls. 

Many of you are incredible millennial leaders who just need that kick in the pants to change things up or try something new, but you're selling yourself short. 

I thought I should probably send you out a little bit more about me + what this program entails so that you can recognize just how badly you need in. 

Four years ago, I couldn't afford my kit. I had filled out the forms for a $400 kit only to call my upline and have her cancel the order and add on a membership + an oil because I couldn't afford it. 

I couldn't afford my first LRP either, but jumped on the internet and figured out HOW to earn enough money to pay for it. I sold four kits that week and had enough money to place my LRP. 

I couldn't afford convention my first year but KNEW I had to be there so I got to work. I started enrolling people, sold a couch and my iPad so I could be there. Shortly after, because of my commitment to growth I hit Platinum. 

I had to get a new credit card just to afford it, I sold my vacuum, any electronics we didn’t need, my desktop computer + a ton of kits so that I could take the edge off the purchase. BUT just shortly after that, I had my first 25k month and the following month crossed the 40k mark. 

I couldn't afford my first business coach but knew that it was a need in my business at the time so I made it happen. I remember clearly putting that 12 THOUSAND dollar payment through my credit card and crying for a few days because of how stressed out I was. I had to get a new credit card just to afford it, I sold my vacuum, any electronics we didn't need, my desktop computer + a ton of kits so that I could take the edge off the purchase. BUT just shortly after that, I had my first 25k month and the following month crossed the 40k mark. 

Sometimes we have to stretch ourselves, push ourselves out of our comfort zones to get to the next level. It's scary, terrifying, gives you butterflies BUT its where the magic happens. 

I'm not saying that my course is that thing for you, but what if it is? What if it is that thing that pushes you over the edge and lights up your business? 

I wanted to take some time today to give you the breakdown of what MLM for the Millennial will entail. I’ve been working through this course over the past six months and PROMISE you that I have allll the things you need to make magic happen in your business. Whether you are brand new, have been doing this for a long time or are at a stand still. There’s something for everyone.

  • How to effectively close a class/event/party filled with millennials AND how to effectively close a class as a millennial to a group of individuals NOT your age

  • How to absolutely OWN IT and stop caring what other people think of you, whether that’s your upline, doTERRA corporate, other leaders or your team

  • How to share your story in a way that’s different than what you’ve been taught. You’re a millennial, so your story is much different than those you might be following. It’s SO easy to get caught up in what others are doing, so I’m going to teach you how to lead your own path

  • How to build a successful, booming business as a millennial.. regardless of what everyone says

  • How to lead a team of individuals NOT your age AND how to lead a team of millennials (and why duplication is dead)

  • How to build belief in yourself AND your team

  • How to set your own personal goals and achieve them, your way

I’m so excited to lead you beautiful souls through this absolutely incredible content. Get ready, it’s going to be good!

To snag your spot, head here:

The Good 'Ol Comfort Zone

It's my year, I declared as the clock struck midnight on 2016. 

No, this is my year I exclaimed as January 1st, 2017 rolled around. 

I sure was not about to let those same words slip out of my mouth as 2018 came upon us. 

No way was I going to allow another year to pass me by without achieving the things I wanted to achieve. 

I decided that 2018 was my year, but it was going to be my year of change. And to change, I have to challenge myself. 

I shifted, I grew, but I also got super comfy during 2017. I had hit my goal rank, I was receiving the abundant cheque and I was living the life of my dreams. BUT it got comfortable way too quickly. 

I found myself just getting by. 

Just doing the things that had to be done, not the things that needed to be done. 

I found myself saying the word STUCK often, instead of discovering what I had to do to get myself unstuck. PS: we create stickiness in our life. If you're stuck, you're causing that for yourself. So change, NOW. 

I was doing the things that were cozy to me instead of putting myself into the wanna shit my pants moments. 

January 1st I declared that I was done with the bullshit. I was done playing small and I sure as hell was done running in circles on the hamster wheel. 

How many of you are stuck on the hamster wheel? You're literally spinning in circles, going nowhere. Just constantly spinning your wheels?

That was me. 

I found myself not growing for a period of time and it wasn't long before I actually started to notice my business was regressing. YES, my business started to move backwards. The rank became harder to hit, the income stopped growing and started to drop, the volume we were used to suddenly, became uber hard to reach. 

It took me a long time to realize (and a long time to get real with myself) that it actually had nothing to do with my team and absolutely everything to do with what I was doing or in this case, not doing. 

I was in action. I was teaching classes. I was actively sharing the business opportunity. I was actively blogging. I was consistently following up with people. I was posting the posts online. 

But the thing is that all of those things come easy to me.

I am a fairly social person, I enjoy speaking + sharing, I love creating online content, I can follow up with someone and enroll them like its nobodies business, but those are things that are all within my comfort zone. They're my zone of genius and when you stick with that too much, unfortunately it can create that feeling of stuck-ness. 

Truth be told, regardless of how many hours I worked I was still finding that the numbers weren't growing and I was losing all of the creative juices. 

I found myself frustrated because I simply couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. It was a complete blindspot for me. 

I was recreating the wheel CONSTANTLY and just trying to keep up with the kardashians. 

Its a vicious cycle that we can often get stuck in, but if you're aware its also a cycle that can grow and propel us forward at a quickened pace, once we get out of it that is. 

So, if you're finding yourself in this spot right now, heres what I did:

1) I unfollowed the people that I found myself copying.

Copy cat syndrome means you're stuck in your comfort zone. When you post what someone else posts, its easy. When you post from YOUR heart, its often hard and makes you want to hide. Its one thing to follow, be inspired by and model yourself after someone but its another to blatantly copy. As much as I wanna be ashamed I've done this, its also such a lesson for those of you who are currently doing this. 

I had to unfollow these people because I was addicted to seeing what they were up to, to seeing the programs they were launching, to seeing the blogs they were writing. Sorry if I've ever done this to you, truthfully I had no damn clue I was even doing it. 

2) Sit down with a pen and paper and discover what it is that YOU love.

Not what I love or your upline loves or the successful instagram chick loves.. What lights you up? What do you love with every ounce of your heart? What is it that YOU have to share with people? 

Stop with the comparisonitis. Enough is enough of women like US playing small and playing within our comfort zone. Enough with the excuses that your content is shit. Enough thinking that the post that I have thats successful will work for you. STOP IT and come back to you. It hurts my heart to watch incredible women like YOU, copy others because its the easy way out. Its sabotaging you. I know this because it sabotaged me and I'm still picking up the pieces.

3) Ask others for guidance on recognizing your blind spots.

You must be open to someone sharing with you where you may be doing things like this. Ask for help, ask for guidance from your mentor. Sometimes, we can't see these behaviours that we have that are holding us back from greatness, but others can. 

The key here is listening, embracing and absorbing it all with an open heart. Its so hard to not feel embarrassed or ashamed of things we may have done in the past but thats the key to getting out of your comfort zone. You listen, learn and grow. You can't say you want to get out of your comfort zone but cry and fight back when someone gives you advice. No no babe. Thats sticking right in the dead centre of your c-zone and thats a tough one to come back from. 

4) Do something every single day that scares the living daylights out of you.

This blog, is my third thing I've done today that has scared me. 

Yesterday it was the biz opp presentation I gave where I was an open book and shared my journey. 

Tomorrow, who knows what it will be but what I do know is that if it doesn't challenge me or scare me I won't be doing it. 

The only way to change/get our of your comfort zone/grow, is to challenge yourself to do something different. 

I love you all too much to let you keep going in this vicious cycle. I put myself first so that you can learn from some of my mistakes. Yes we fail forward, but if you can make one decision tomorrow that can put you one step forward let it be something that challenges you. 

To love + getting the hell outta your comfort zone, 

b xo

Create Beautiful Money: How we discovered life + financial abundance before 30

I've been sitting on this blog post for a long time. Not because its not meant to share but simply because every time I sit down to pen portions, I cry. Its been an emotional journey over the past three years. The ups, the downs, the ultimate highs and the lowest of lows. A journey that honestly I wasn't ready for at the ripe 'ol age of 22 but a journey that has forever changed me. 

You see, when I started simply using doTERRA essential oils I had absolutely zero idea what was about to ensue. I had no idea when I applied those few drops of Digest Zen that they were actually going to work, and that I would quickly be hooked and that I would end up calling everyone and their mama to tell them about it. When the majority of my team got started, they didn't imagine that their life would do flips + turns in the best ways possible. 

When I often speak and share about my doTERRA journey, I say that I started because of the business opportunity + as much as that is true, there was a part of me that didn't want it. Many of you know that I was involved in a network marketing company before doTERRA and said company gave me a bad taste in my mouth. The way they went about their business at the time, the way they hounded people in the local Starbucks and the way they always enrolled people as advocates (or business owners). I was nervous to ever become involved in another network marketing company because the person I had become wasn't someone that I even wanted to be friends with. I was a cold calling master + would literally stalk beautiful people in parking lots to give them my business card. Like WTF! 

When I saw a mentor of mine post about doTERRA that frigid February day, not only did I look up the products but I was also immediately drawn to the business opportunity. I at the time didn't know why, but the company had this damn magnetic factor about it. Was it the pretty bottles, the person who was sharing them or the fact that they oozed goodness? I have no bloody clue, but what I did know was that from the very moment I did my research, I fell in love. The oils caught my eye, the income potential blew my mind the research on said oils astounded me. 

When I first enrolled I like to say it was for the products, but at the time I hadn't even tried them. What made me fell in love with doTERRA from the beginning was the beauty + abundance behind their business opportunity. It captured me from day one. From the moment I signed up, every part of me wanted to become involved in the business. I knew everything about that business before Geralyn and I even met, but a piece of me wasn't sure if it would be a right fit for me. From day one (actually negative day one because I hadn't even ordered yet!) my limiting beliefs took hold. I was scared of failure but KNEW I had to jump in with both feet. 

People ask me all the time how I knew, and the truth is that I had this gut feeling. You know that moment you met your husband or wife and there was a part of you that just knew that this was going places? No, then maybe you don't believe in love at first site.. But I had this sensation and knew that if I gave it my all that I would achieve big things. 

To give you a thorough understanding of where my journey really started, I wanna take you back a little bit. 

Come on this journey with me, I promise it'll be fun!

B xo



I will admit, I am a college and university dropout. I attended six years of post secondary school to up and quit. 

I was (and still am) the person who loved education, loved learning new things but the moment I was told to do something, I rebelled. 

If you told me to go left, I'd go right. I did the opposite of what I was told to do. 

From the moment that University was a conversation in our household, I made sure to do the opposite of what my parents wanted. IE: I moved five hours away from home to North Bay, Ontario (like WTF). 

From there I transferred to two more schools. Everytime things got hard, I ran. I retreated when I was told that I did something wrong. I ran when things got a bit tougher or I had to write the paper on the book I absolutely hated. 

I guess this can often be confused with, I wanted easy but that wasn't really the case. For me at the time I think I had an idea in my mind of what my ideal life looked like, but what I was doing was not going to take me there. 

I was having a deep identity crisis and was clearly stuck.


At this time, I was so lost. I was still a student, literally and figuratively.

I put on the face of having my shit together but went home daily with absolutely zero idea about who I was or where I was going. 

I had these dreams but every time I started on them, I was either shut down or I lost all drive to continue. 

I was in a horrible relationship at the time that yanked every ounce of energy out of me. I was drained from the job, the boyfriend and the schooling, so where else was I to go? 

I was completely and utterly confused. 

I taught yoga, fell in love with it and threw myself into the self development side of things.

I used yoga as my therapy. I practice daily, taught daily and never wanted to leave the studio. It was my safe haven, the place where things were ok for just a little while. 

What makes me emotional now when I think back on that time, is just how much of a blindspot this was in my life. You never realize how fucked up things are until you're out of them, or at least thats what happened for me.

What I didn't realize at the time (duh), was this was just a step on my path that was actually preparing me for the journey I was about to take with doTERRA. The universe was preparing me. 


All these years, I knew I was meant for more. I knew I would one day create more, I just didn't know how at the time. 

I hit Premier within 45 days of enrolling, and I had dreams. I had a vision of where I was going and actively shared that with people.  

I was lost for a long time, but when I found doTERRA I felt like I was home. I felt like this was the final destination along my journey and I knew doTERRA was going to be the vehicle to living out the dreams I had for years. 

From the very beginning, my goal was Diamond and I knew that I was going to get there. I also recognized that I was going to have to do things that I had never done before (like in my entire life) to get there. 

I woke up daily, afraid but trekked on knowing that doing something everyday that scares you will change me. 

I got uncomfortable and did the things. 

The website. 

The class posts. 

Sharing my goals with the world made me shit my pants at times, but had to be done. 

I showed up every single day, regardless of how tired I was from working my full time job, regardless of how down and out I was after an argument and regardless of how many times people told me no. 

I worked my bloody ass off because I am worth it. 


What a journey this has been. 

I knew what I was creating from the very beginning. 

I knew I wanted to host large classes, build a large global team and teach people actively about the power of essential oils + this business opportunity. 

What would the Diamond you do? Now go and do that. 


I get this question a lot and it always brings up such a phenomenal conversation, because the truth is I would never have been able to find the amount of success that I have using any other business model. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 7.55.43 PM.png

MLM (Multi-Level marketing) is the only way to create residual income without putting all of your eggs into one basket, aka relying on one sole income. 

I think my absolute favourite part about it though is that it allows your talents to shine. You're given the vehicle (the biz opp) on a silver tray but the route you take to where you want to go is completely up to you. Thats the beauty of this. How I've built my business is unlike my upline and the majority of my downline, because I allow the things I'm epic at to shine. 

Its a streamlined business with minimal overhead. Hello! 

AND over 90% of women who are six figure + income earners, have done so through network marketing. Thats a stat I am beyond proud to be a part of. 


As someone who had come from a previous network marketing company, I was very hesitant to become involved again. I was actually pretty dead set against it, that was until I was introduced to doTERRA. 

1) doTERRA is a 100% debt free company

2) 2 billion dollar company (with projections to be at 20-30 in ten years). Umm.. thats growth I want to be a part of. 

3) 1 billion dollars in annual revenue

4) Just shy of 6 million wellness advocates + customers around the globe 

5) 70% retention rate, meaning 70% of people who purchase once will purchase again

6) The Essential Oil industry will double, if not triple in the coming years

These reasons here were huge propellants for me in falling head over heels in love with the company, but it was the heart that has kept me coming back for more. 

These 7 incredible individuals have a way of giving, loving + leading that I can only strive to be like some day. 

They have a combined 150 years of network marketing and essential oil experience, leading them to become the number one essential oil company in the world and the number one network marketing company in North America. 

When they first began doTERRA in 2008, their main purpose was to source the highest quality essential oils in the world but once they realized the power behind their compensation plan, they put systems in place to help the most people become debt free. 


When I first started using + sharing doTERRA, I never quite understand the power behind our compensation plan. 

To keep things in simple terms, doTERRA is the only company out there today that has YOUR needs as a priority.

Our compensation plan has been flipped upside down to ensure long term financial gain for you and your family, instead of the opposite way which is setup for quick cash not long term. 

We're paid in five different ways, incentivizing us to keep sharing these oils with other people instead of hitting the top and stopping. 

We're paid five times a month, entering my bank account typically on Fridays with two payments the mid-Friday of the month (UM YES PLEASE!) 

Want a glimpse into what the averages look like?

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 12.11.43 PM.png

I want you to ask yourself, what could this income mean for my family? 

Whether its $500 extra dollars a month, or your entire household income completely replaced and tripled. 

Its your time babe. If you've read OR listened this far, I'd take that as a hint thats its about time you stood up for yourself. Its about time you stepped into your power. Its about time you did something that served YOU and your family instead of constantly worrying about what other people think (ahem, your mother). 

Its your time, babe.

2018 Intention Setting

For ease + to keep with technology, you can listen to all blogs going forward!

I’m ready for you 2018. Out with the old, in with the new.

I often sit with a pen and paper the last week of the prior year and write out intentions followed by some goals. I’m not big on penning New Years Resolutions because like most people, they don’t stick. Once the new year hits its unicorns and rainbows until something else comes along. That resolution is  thrown to the curb and life continues. 

What I love about setting an intention for the year, is that it carries me through the entire year. My habits start to form around this intention, my actions are often characteristic of this word and my goals centre around it.

This year, my intention is centered around one word. Challenge. 

2017 for me was about growth. I’ve grown more than I could’ve ever imagined in my personal development, as an entrepreneur, in my relationships and after this Christmas, in my waistline. 

I’m ready for a challenge. I’m ready to quit playing small. I’m ready to lose (and keep off) the weight I’ve been losing + putting back on for years. I’m ready to hit the rank thats been terrifying me. I’m ready to reach out to the people who need me. I’m ready to challenge my team when I’ve been holding back. Its time to push myself beyond my limits. I’ve had a year of growth, of sitting back + watching, of taking in everything thats been done this far, but its time for more.

What I’ve learned quickly is that who you are in one area of your life is who you are in all areas of your life, and as much as I love the person I have become I know I am meant for even more. Those things come with a challenge and 2018 is my year. I started to notice habits that I was picking up, laziness that was setting in, inconsistencies that were slowly trickling from one area into my business. It took one notice of those behaviours to realize that a change had to happen, immediately.

My list of goals centered around my intention of challenging myself {that are exciting my pants off}:

  • practice a miracle morning {30 day miracle morning challenge with the Diamond Drop Team}
  • start the NM for millennials podcast thats been in your backpocket
  • hit and sustain the rank of blue diamond 
  • become the strongest version of myself {physically + emotionally) in turn dropping the 30 pounds lingering around your waistline {80 day obsession 3x with Chelsea Pearson}
  • family + aaron always comes first {date night once a week}
  • write the blog posts that scare you {two per month}
  • travel once every three months to somewhere exciting
  • meditate daily {Jennifer Dwyer's 30 day meditation challenge}

I'm so excited to tackle each of these goals head on and keep you in the loop as I knock each of them off the list and add on more {because that challenges me}. 

If it doesn't challenge me, it doesn't change me. Game on sister!

From Bullied to Boss Babe

This is really a bittersweet blog post to write as its not often that women talk about their childhood, let alone talk about how badly they were bullied. I felt drawn to share my message, my trials + tribulations after hearing story upon story from successful business owners of how terribly they were bullied as children. 

I was bullied the majority of my life, throughout elementary + high school. 

Bullied for having thick thighs. 

Bullied for having a nice warm winter coat. 

Bullied for having parents that believed travelling was the best form of education. 

Bullied for having great relationships with teachers. 

Bullied for being involved in school.

Bullied for wearing a new outfit. 

Bullied for being friends with every group at school, and not just sticking with a clique. 

Bullied for being blonde. 

Bullied for everything. 

At the time, I never talked to anyone about it (not even my parents) and saw all of these actions as horrific, embarrassing + ultimately the end of the damn world. I was always a people pleaser so instead of distancing myself from the bullies (who were literally every single person I was ever friends with in school) I got closer to them thinking that would solve all of my problems. 

Up until a year or so ago, I never vocalized to anyone just how horribly I was treated in high school. I had condoms wrapped around my locker, lube sprayed down the hall and on my locker with the hopes I would be disgusted or fall, fake stories made up about me, and much much more. It was a long four years of high school. It wasn't until my strong, powerful sister Megan brought it to my attention just how horribly SHE was bullied at the exact same school. 

What I realized in that moment was how necessary it is for people to talk about topics like these but also how important it is for us as business women to own it, share it + use it as fuel. 

Would I be as successful as I am today if it wasn't for being bullied? I'm not sure. As much as it destroyed me in the moment, it gave me power + allowed me the opportunity to stand up and prove those shitheads wrong. It lit a fire in my belly from an early age to be an incredibly kind person, to share my heart and to be the best version of myself I could be. 

Bullies are jealous, they want something you have and really, they wish they were you. I say this statement not as a form of flattery or ego but as the truth. Bullies are people who have self worth issues, who don't know who they are and are unsure of their purpose, passions or beliefs.

I want to remind you that we will never be free of bullies and as a business woman I encounter them on a DAILY basis, but what I have learned is this; bullies won't thrive if you don't let them. If you stand deeply in your power, in your beliefs + share your heart, they hold no power. 


1. It taught me what the word kind really means. We say treat everyone with kindness, but do we really. Being kind means loving from the deepest depths of your heart, sharing with others passionately + authentically. Being kind means giving without expectation of anything in return. It means adding value with zero tie to the end result. It means sharing what works best for you in your life with others, not expecting them to always understand you but doing it anyways. Kindness is contagious. Be more kind. 

2. Being bullied is just the incentive, the fire + the push to keep going. Being bullied taught me the definition of bravery, of perseverance and of standing tall + in my power regardless of how small I actual feel. It taught me the definition of confidence and that with confidence (regardless of how small someone makes you feel) that you are powerful beyond measure. It was the incentive to succeed in life, to be successful and to spread happiness + love around like glitter because the world needs more glitter. 

3. It taught me that bullies are powerless and are some of the most hurt people in this world. Once I was out of the stage of being bullied + had started some work on myself (shockingly, three years ago) I realized that bullies just need to be loved. Bullies are bullies because someone has said something to them that made them feel less than, that made them feel hurt + that made them feel broken inside so instead of thinking like a normal person would they continue that process with others. It taught me that when I encounter a bully that instead of cowering in the corner, compliment them and make them feel good about themselves. They lose all power when you share your kindness with them.

4. It taught me how to work with multiple personalities in business. Not everyone is the same, and that is our gift. Being bullied taught me how to work with others because as I was bullied by one crowd, I would move to another. I became friends with a lot of people in school because well, I had to or I would've gone clinically insane. Being bullied taught me about different ethnic groups, it taught me about the different stereotypes that we face, it taught me that I wasn't the only person being treated that way. It taught me how to be a better person. 


doTERRA + Network Marketing FAQ

Hey there beautiful soul!

I get asked the same questions on an ongoing basis, so I wanted to create a hub for you to head to whenever a question strikes. 

Q. I would like to learn more about doTERRA the company. Where can I find more information?

A. I love starting here. There are a few other options here and here that delve even deeper into things. 

Q. How much money do you make per month?

A. Currently, as a Diamond leader I earn between $12,000 to $17,000 monthly in Canadian Dollars. This right here is why I am so passionate about helping other women create financial success, so they can live + lead at their greatest potential.

Q. What does the average pay look like?

A. Of course, the answer to this question is going to vary from person to person. The pay rate is strictly based off of what you put in and how open you are to being coachable, learning from those who went before you. This most definitely isn't a get rich quick business and requires time to build your residual income stream.

In doTERRA, 62% of people who choose to build their businesses (we call them Business Builders or Wellness Advocates) achieve the rank of Silver or higher, which is the cornerstone leadership rank in the company. This alone is a huge propeller for many people, being that over half of wellness advocates achieve such a rank (earnings are around $2000 per month). I think its important to recognize that not everyone wants the responsibility of leading a global team. Some (like myself initially) just want enough money to cover monthly groceries. I find what happens after that is beautiful though, because once you experience abundance in one aspect of your life (such as a cheque to cover your house expenses) you want to be able to experience it everywhere. I decided fairly early on building my business that I was going to go to the very top because I knew many people experiencing the financial freedom that I was yearning for. Once I realized how quickly I could help my family + other families around the globe, I couldn't stop!

You can find the doTERRA average earnings Here

Q. What makes doTERRA different from all the other oil companies around the world?

A. I believe that there are a few very important things to look at when considering a partnership with a company, brand or product. What does the marketplace look like? Natural health is not something thats new, however it is a market that is absolutely booming and I don't see it going anywhere. Its the way of the future. What does the heart of the company look like? Within minutes of signing up with doTERRA, I knew there was something special about this company. The culture, the heart and the integrity of the owners is second to none. What does the companies retention rate look like? This is a biggie and will be a make or break within your business. doTERRA has the highest retention rate in the entire network marketing industry. I just wanna break it down for you using my business as a prime example. We have a little over 2,000 individuals within our team from 8 countries around the globe. 90% of people who have joined our team have ordered products again within the last year. That right there is powerful retention and is uber important!

Q. How much time does it take?

A. Like absolutely everything in life, you get out of it what you put in. I always tell people that it takes approximately a year to learn the skills of a business professional, to grow your leadership skills and to build a strong foundation. There is no reason that you can't start to see a very generous income around the 1-1.5 year mark (thats when things drastically changed for me!). If you have some business or leadership experience you may potentially build quicker, it all depends on work ethic, drive + vision. 

I started earning big around the 2 year mark with absolutely zero prior experience. This was when I hit 5 figures per month and will have a half a million dollar business by the end of this year. 

Q. What do doctors and hospital workers think about doTERRA?

A. The majority have welcomed it with the warmest of embraces. There will always be some skepticism but I love this video of the doTERRA medical advisory board, which includes an ear, nose and throat doctor, dentist, family doctor, paediatrician, gynaecologist + general surgeon.

doTERRA is working very closely with over 130 hospitals across the USA to introduce essential oils into their operating rooms, waiting areas and as physical + emotional support for those during surgeries or treatment. This is a part of their mission and they are most definitely bridging the gap between traditional and alternative medicine. 

Check this out or and feel free to email me for further details!

Q. What do those who are successful do well?

A. First and foremost, they are coachable and are willing to learn from those who have found success before them. Truthfully, I choose not to work with people who think they know it all, because they don't. No one knows everything, especially a year into their business. Its super important to take tidbits from those who went before you and of course form your own opinion. Second, they are always willing to grow themselves and are able to recognize where they need to focus their time and energy. Personal development is a huge part of this business and the most successful people do it really well! Those who are the most successful on my team follow their heart + step into deeply aligned action. Since this business is all about teaching, educating + sharing with others, its super important to be a good listener and to listen to what you're heart is telling you to do next and doing that. 

Q. Does doTERRA test on animals?

A. Absolutely not.

Q. What makes doTERRA's sourcing processes so different?

A. This website right here is the one that is making the fake, perfume essential oil companies scared. Check this out.  This is another one of my favourite videos that captures the essence of how they source their oils indigenously (meaning they source from the part of the earth where they grow at their prime). This sourcing process breeds the most beautiful therapeutic benefits and allows for sustainable growth for years to come. 

I was given the opportunity to visit the Arborvitae distillery in early July on a trip that I was gifted by doTERRA. I was able to see, firsthand how devoted not only doTERRA is to their sourcing process + oils but just how passionate our distillers are about the process too.  


My Top Tips for Living a Life of Complete Freedom

I get asked all the time why I chose to build a business with doTERRA and why I decided to share my journey online. I have a blog post in the works on some specifics but wanted to give you a breakdown of how YOU can find complete freedom in your life, using some of the same steps I did.

Pour yourself into personal development every chance you get. To do better in this world we must be the best version of ourselves we can be so, what aspect of your life do you need to improve on? Most people will grab the books about things they're good at (understanding finances, leadership) when in reality they need to be grabbing the book that scares them (budgeting, self care). The more aware of these things you become, the better you become at making decisions.

Choose to live a life that gets you out of bed every morning excited. When I was working in the corporate world, you would have to peel me out of bed in the mornings. Someone told me this little secret that completely changed the trajectory of my days following; regardless of how stuck you are or how much you hate your life, what can you do everyday that gets you excited to wake up?

Hate your job? Get up an hour earlier to enjoy your morning coffee and a read in your cozy living room. Hate how exhausted you feel? Make some changes to your diet + schedule in a workout class a few times a week. I promise you'll have a renewed energy! Hate how you never get to see your SO? Schedule in a date night out that under no circumstances can be cancelled. Wake up every morning stressed about money? Pick up a side hustle (ahem, a network marketing biz) or stick to a fun but strict budget (rewarding yourself when you reach a goal.

You see where I'm going with this? You are in complete control of how you live out your days. If you're unhappy, instead of wallowing in your sorrows, make a change. 

Make a change. Since I mentioned the topic of change making above, I figured I would explain it a bit more. I talk to individuals every single day who are unhappy; with their jobs, their spouse, their financial situation, the path they decided to take in life. Like I mentioned above, the only way something will be any different in your life is if you make a change. 

As someone who completely dropped six years of postsecondary school (SORRY mom + dad), moved home from her big city condo and decided to start a network marketing business, I know the feelings that come up. It's too much work. I'll just keep on this way, something is bound to change eventually. I'm scared. Oh, mom and dad will help me. I'll lose the weight in a bit. I wasn't made to live a great life. BLAH BLAH BLAH. 

I didn't come to the conclusions I did by completely reframing my life. I took strides slowly and surely on a monthly basis to get back the control in my life. I started my side hustle. I started being more aware of the foods I was eating. I started taking better control of my money. From there, the tiny changes I made month by month led to me living a completely different life that wasn't overwhelming. 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, so today what are you going to change? Because as the saying goes, keep doing what you're doing now and chances are you'll go insane (or something like that ;) )

What defines freedom to you? Two years ago, freedom to me was living a life completely opposite of the one I was living. Now, as my life + finances evolve so does my definition of freedom. Its everchanging but for right now, what defines freedom to you? Is it more time with your kiddos, more time with hubby, a large piece of property, dropping to part time so you have more time loving your life, traveling the world, a spa day once a month? Defining what freedom means to you in this time of your life will help you to get clearer on some of the changes you want to make to get you there. 

Stop caring what everyone thinks. There will always be bullies regardless of how you live your life or run your business. There will always be doubters, people who think you're doing something illegal, the people worried about your financial situation or the people who simply don't care but have something to say about everything you do. It takes some practice, but STOP worrying about what everyone else has to say about what you're doing. It's your life, not theirs! 

What are some of your fave tips for someone looking to live a life of complete freedom?

Why my heart REALLY led me to Network Marketing

I’ve always prided myself in having a spectacular memory; remembering every detail of an event like it was just yesterday or being able to look back at my childhood and remember specific conversations that happened. My incredible memory, well its been both a blessing and a curse. 

I was raised by the two most amazing people on this planet; my mama, a stay-at-home/run-the-show/keep-it-together kinda lady and my dad, a business owner/serial entrepreneur kinda guy. 

You see, I was born into this whole entrepreneurship thing. I knew I would do big things in this world one day, but I also knew that I wouldn’t ever do what everyone else wanted me to. I was one of those kids. The kids that would initially do what mom and dad wanted them to do, only to change career paths not once but three times before ‘deciding’ what I wanted to do. 

I grew up in the most incredible setting. Beautiful home, incredible food on the table, safe cars in the driveway and the opportunity to choose whatever schools I wanted to attend. If this didn’t give me the drive to become a successful woman, I don’t know what did. 

Now, I wanna flashback to the memory piece for a second. That incredible memory that I have, has brought me back to several conversations I had with my parents around the topic of finding a career. Many people have experiences in their life with business owners or entrepreneurs, that turn them off of building a business.

Business Owner

= sick + tired
= working ten+ hours a day
= stressed
= dealing with confrontation
= making less money than your employees

Does any of that ring a bell? Whats funny is that I never really experienced any of the above {ok, maybe the working long hours} watching my dad build his business. Maybe it was because he had been doing it for over 15 years or because it was both his passion + his legacy.

Being an entrepreneur was inspiring to me and something I knew I wanted to do one day, I just hadn't found the right plug + play model.

Then, the topic of me one day taking over the business came up. Having never seen my dad stressed out and him always making business seem like it was a walk in the park, I started working at the office. Long story short, I hated it. There was not a chance in he** I was going to be a business owner. I rarely had a chance to stop to eat, I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off, I was finding myself constantly sick and I was talking about things like nipples, elbows + orange peels like they were a regular topic of conversation {no, not the real things.. I know, crazy talk}

You see, I knew I wanted the success that my dad had found but what I didn’t realize was that his business model, his business + his industry were not where I was going to find that success. What I didn’t realize at the time, but now can see so clearly, is that you have to align yourself with not only a company + products that light you up, but a business model that allows you to shine. 

I always dreamt of a job that would allow our family the freedom to travel freely, the finances to give as much as we could, and the time to live out our dreams. I spent six years in post secondary school and five years in jobs that could never have given me ^. I traded my time for money, had limited to zero flexibility in my work schedule and was only paid when I worked. BUT I always had an ulterior motive when I was attending these schools or going to those jobs. I was always trying to device a plan that would allow me to use that schooling + work experience and flip it into a entrepreneurial venture. There was the private long term care home I was planning out, the at home recreation program service, or the physiotherapy gym. I always had that dream of being a business owner. 

Well, I’d like to let you know that I found the secret business model that scares the crud out of everyone BUT allows you to check off all of your boxes when it comes to your dream career, and it includes none of the above!

Network Marketing. 

I was meant to create more, to live more, to give more and to BE more, I just had to find the perfect business model that I could plug myself into. 

Two years ago against the suggestions of everyone, including my own family, I started a doTERRA business. Through my passions + purpose colliding, I have been able to build myself a six figure legacy business that I absolutely adore. 

What changed for me? I shifted my focus and have slowly been able to see that I deserve to live a life of freedom, 

A life where I have no idea what day of the week it is, because everyday feels like the weekend

A life where I can go with the flow, take a hot bath, go for a massage + honour exactly what my body needs {such as a day off like today, on a Monday} instead of pushing through

A life where I can pick up on a Tuesday and head on vacation without the need to fill out vacation day forms or switch shifts

A life where I wake up without an alarm clock and choose how we are going to live out our day

A life where I am able to have a home cooked meal on the table every night {just like my mama used to when I was a kid}

A life where {when the time comes, don’t get too excited} I can bring a baby into this world without the stress of a mat leave or having to time everything perfectly based on work schedules or projects

A life where I get paid to sleep, rest + play simply because I plugged myself into a business model that honours consistent, not constant work

I’ve felt really inspired to share with you that there is another way, a legit way to build yourself a successful business, to live the life of your dreams + to create a legacy that will take care of many future generations. 

Maybe you’re like me, and you once thought it had to be difficult, time consuming + exhausting to build a business. Well, luckily I am here to shout from the rooftops, that it doesn’t have to be. Actually, the past two years have been the best of my life thanks to this business. 

Have you always worked super hard but secretly desire more flow in business? Those pause days where you get paid to slow down, take baths + rest? If so, you know where to find me. I’m always mentoring new women who are looking to shift their attention + are craving a business that rewards them for simply taking care of themselves. 


My Journey

Since 2016 hit, I have felt this wave of emotion, this wave of feeling that has hit me. I've been sitting with it for awhile trying to figure out what it meant or what exactly it was that was causing it. I've been crying more often and I feel super sappy. Anyone else with me there?

The only word that I come up with everytime I sit with my feelings is grateful. There are no other words to describe the way I am feeling right now. Grateful for my family + friends, grateful for the life that I have created + continue to create for my future family and grateful for the beautiful people that I get to work with + lead every single day.  

I have been pulled to share with you my story, the nitty gritty, the good, bad + ugly. I hope some part of this resonates with whatever it is that you may be going through or at the very least inspire you to keep going on whatever path it is you're on.


I remember it so clearly, the moment that most kids look super forward to in highschool, the day that university applications open up. My parents always engrained in my mind that I would go to university and succeed at whatever it was that I did. I was a great student, excelling in English and Science. I applied to and attended university in North Bay, followed by a period of study at McMaster University. I had this pit in my stomach everytime I walked into school and knew that this wasn't my calling but I did what a large number of students do, I kept on trekking. God forbid we disappointed our parents, right?

Six years later, I have attended two universities and one college. I don't have a paper telling me I'm smart or highly educated and I don't have letters behind my name reassuring others that I know what I am talking about. I am just Brittany A. McLean. 
(If you deal with these limiting beliefs or find yourself saying, I'm just... take a peek at this vid)

All the schooling I had led me in the same direction towards achieving a degree/diploma in Recreation Therapy. For years I thought I had this passion for the elderly. I worked for four years in Retirement and Long Term Care homes making minimal money and wondering how the heck I would be able to live the life of my dreams on such a limited income. I kept in the field because of the feeling it gave me. Although I left work every single day exhausted, carrying some sort of bug and questioning why I was still there, something kept me coming back. I had this sense of fulfillment and that I was doing everything I could to make a mark in their life but I was sick, tired and seriously overworked. I always had this idea in the back of my mind that there was something else out there that would give me that same sense of purpose + fulfillment.

To make ends meet I dabbled in another network marketing company. Although I had a negative experience with my mentors and the company, I fell absolutely in love with network marketing. Like seriously head over heels in love with the most genius industry in the world. Since I didn't have much success I figured that was it, I wasn't a business woman. That was just another pebble added to my backpack of experiences.


In late 2014 I quit my long term care job, moved into the big city (Toronto) and got a job in a restaurant. I thought this would be the best option for me to meet new people, network with the best of the best and potentially find a big kickass corporate job.

It makes me laugh now but I was literally brainwashed into believing that for me to be successful I had to work in corporate America.

Why is that people only believe that success is found in corporate? It isn't true!

In February 2015 I hit a breaking point. I hated my job, I hated life in the big city and I was completely unfulfilled + empty. I knew that there was more for me, but like the majority of other twenty somethings, I didn't know what that something was. I quit my job and moved home to live with the best roommates ever (my rents) and did some real soul searching. I seriously felt like I hit this mid-life crisis in my twenties but boy am I grateful for my journey. 

I searched and searched for jobs but with my zero education a job that paid well was like searching for a needle in a haystack, impossible. How many of you feel me? Totally get it? I took a much needed vacay with my second family in February 2015 and experienced something miraculous. I won't get into much detail but this is the trip where essential oils came into my life and changed me forever.

It was in March of 2015 where I recalibrated my life. I started working for myself and running a business that is aligned and purposeful. I show young women how to become their own bosses, regardless of their education. Often times women find themselves defined by the letters behind their name, their children, their work title or their hubby. I show them how to break this habit and find who they truly are and what their purpose is on our planet. 

I look back at the past year as a literal whirlwind of feelings and experiences that I am truly grateful for. I thank my lucky stars that this opportunity was dropped on my doorstep and that I had the courage to jump in with both feet. 

Here I am almost one year to the date and my life has changed drastically. I am a top leader within my company, wake up every morning with the sun, lead + inspire other women to set their lives free from my home office (YPF Nation Headquarters) and am living the life of my dreams. It wasn't always easy but as a young woman who basically gave up on herself a year ago, it was worth every second to get to where I am today.

I don't share my story to brag or boast or to make myself sound one of a kind. I share my story to inspire other women who may be in the exact same boat as I was. There is a way ladies, you just need to believe in a little thing called yourself + magic will happen.

With lotsa love, 

B xo