Create Beautiful Money: How we discovered life + financial abundance before 30

I've been sitting on this blog post for a long time. Not because its not meant to share but simply because every time I sit down to pen portions, I cry. Its been an emotional journey over the past three years. The ups, the downs, the ultimate highs and the lowest of lows. A journey that honestly I wasn't ready for at the ripe 'ol age of 22 but a journey that has forever changed me. 

You see, when I started simply using doTERRA essential oils I had absolutely zero idea what was about to ensue. I had no idea when I applied those few drops of Digest Zen that they were actually going to work, and that I would quickly be hooked and that I would end up calling everyone and their mama to tell them about it. When the majority of my team got started, they didn't imagine that their life would do flips + turns in the best ways possible. 

When I often speak and share about my doTERRA journey, I say that I started because of the business opportunity + as much as that is true, there was a part of me that didn't want it. Many of you know that I was involved in a network marketing company before doTERRA and said company gave me a bad taste in my mouth. The way they went about their business at the time, the way they hounded people in the local Starbucks and the way they always enrolled people as advocates (or business owners). I was nervous to ever become involved in another network marketing company because the person I had become wasn't someone that I even wanted to be friends with. I was a cold calling master + would literally stalk beautiful people in parking lots to give them my business card. Like WTF! 

When I saw a mentor of mine post about doTERRA that frigid February day, not only did I look up the products but I was also immediately drawn to the business opportunity. I at the time didn't know why, but the company had this damn magnetic factor about it. Was it the pretty bottles, the person who was sharing them or the fact that they oozed goodness? I have no bloody clue, but what I did know was that from the very moment I did my research, I fell in love. The oils caught my eye, the income potential blew my mind the research on said oils astounded me. 

When I first enrolled I like to say it was for the products, but at the time I hadn't even tried them. What made me fell in love with doTERRA from the beginning was the beauty + abundance behind their business opportunity. It captured me from day one. From the moment I signed up, every part of me wanted to become involved in the business. I knew everything about that business before Geralyn and I even met, but a piece of me wasn't sure if it would be a right fit for me. From day one (actually negative day one because I hadn't even ordered yet!) my limiting beliefs took hold. I was scared of failure but KNEW I had to jump in with both feet. 

People ask me all the time how I knew, and the truth is that I had this gut feeling. You know that moment you met your husband or wife and there was a part of you that just knew that this was going places? No, then maybe you don't believe in love at first site.. But I had this sensation and knew that if I gave it my all that I would achieve big things. 

To give you a thorough understanding of where my journey really started, I wanna take you back a little bit. 

Come on this journey with me, I promise it'll be fun!

B xo



I will admit, I am a college and university dropout. I attended six years of post secondary school to up and quit. 

I was (and still am) the person who loved education, loved learning new things but the moment I was told to do something, I rebelled. 

If you told me to go left, I'd go right. I did the opposite of what I was told to do. 

From the moment that University was a conversation in our household, I made sure to do the opposite of what my parents wanted. IE: I moved five hours away from home to North Bay, Ontario (like WTF). 

From there I transferred to two more schools. Everytime things got hard, I ran. I retreated when I was told that I did something wrong. I ran when things got a bit tougher or I had to write the paper on the book I absolutely hated. 

I guess this can often be confused with, I wanted easy but that wasn't really the case. For me at the time I think I had an idea in my mind of what my ideal life looked like, but what I was doing was not going to take me there. 

I was having a deep identity crisis and was clearly stuck.


At this time, I was so lost. I was still a student, literally and figuratively.

I put on the face of having my shit together but went home daily with absolutely zero idea about who I was or where I was going. 

I had these dreams but every time I started on them, I was either shut down or I lost all drive to continue. 

I was in a horrible relationship at the time that yanked every ounce of energy out of me. I was drained from the job, the boyfriend and the schooling, so where else was I to go? 

I was completely and utterly confused. 

I taught yoga, fell in love with it and threw myself into the self development side of things.

I used yoga as my therapy. I practice daily, taught daily and never wanted to leave the studio. It was my safe haven, the place where things were ok for just a little while. 

What makes me emotional now when I think back on that time, is just how much of a blindspot this was in my life. You never realize how fucked up things are until you're out of them, or at least thats what happened for me.

What I didn't realize at the time (duh), was this was just a step on my path that was actually preparing me for the journey I was about to take with doTERRA. The universe was preparing me. 


All these years, I knew I was meant for more. I knew I would one day create more, I just didn't know how at the time. 

I hit Premier within 45 days of enrolling, and I had dreams. I had a vision of where I was going and actively shared that with people.  

I was lost for a long time, but when I found doTERRA I felt like I was home. I felt like this was the final destination along my journey and I knew doTERRA was going to be the vehicle to living out the dreams I had for years. 

From the very beginning, my goal was Diamond and I knew that I was going to get there. I also recognized that I was going to have to do things that I had never done before (like in my entire life) to get there. 

I woke up daily, afraid but trekked on knowing that doing something everyday that scares you will change me. 

I got uncomfortable and did the things. 

The website. 

The class posts. 

Sharing my goals with the world made me shit my pants at times, but had to be done. 

I showed up every single day, regardless of how tired I was from working my full time job, regardless of how down and out I was after an argument and regardless of how many times people told me no. 

I worked my bloody ass off because I am worth it. 


What a journey this has been. 

I knew what I was creating from the very beginning. 

I knew I wanted to host large classes, build a large global team and teach people actively about the power of essential oils + this business opportunity. 

What would the Diamond you do? Now go and do that. 


I get this question a lot and it always brings up such a phenomenal conversation, because the truth is I would never have been able to find the amount of success that I have using any other business model. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 7.55.43 PM.png

MLM (Multi-Level marketing) is the only way to create residual income without putting all of your eggs into one basket, aka relying on one sole income. 

I think my absolute favourite part about it though is that it allows your talents to shine. You're given the vehicle (the biz opp) on a silver tray but the route you take to where you want to go is completely up to you. Thats the beauty of this. How I've built my business is unlike my upline and the majority of my downline, because I allow the things I'm epic at to shine. 

Its a streamlined business with minimal overhead. Hello! 

AND over 90% of women who are six figure + income earners, have done so through network marketing. Thats a stat I am beyond proud to be a part of. 


As someone who had come from a previous network marketing company, I was very hesitant to become involved again. I was actually pretty dead set against it, that was until I was introduced to doTERRA. 

1) doTERRA is a 100% debt free company

2) 2 billion dollar company (with projections to be at 20-30 in ten years). Umm.. thats growth I want to be a part of. 

3) 1 billion dollars in annual revenue

4) Just shy of 6 million wellness advocates + customers around the globe 

5) 70% retention rate, meaning 70% of people who purchase once will purchase again

6) The Essential Oil industry will double, if not triple in the coming years

These reasons here were huge propellants for me in falling head over heels in love with the company, but it was the heart that has kept me coming back for more. 

These 7 incredible individuals have a way of giving, loving + leading that I can only strive to be like some day. 

They have a combined 150 years of network marketing and essential oil experience, leading them to become the number one essential oil company in the world and the number one network marketing company in North America. 

When they first began doTERRA in 2008, their main purpose was to source the highest quality essential oils in the world but once they realized the power behind their compensation plan, they put systems in place to help the most people become debt free. 


When I first started using + sharing doTERRA, I never quite understand the power behind our compensation plan. 

To keep things in simple terms, doTERRA is the only company out there today that has YOUR needs as a priority.

Our compensation plan has been flipped upside down to ensure long term financial gain for you and your family, instead of the opposite way which is setup for quick cash not long term. 

We're paid in five different ways, incentivizing us to keep sharing these oils with other people instead of hitting the top and stopping. 

We're paid five times a month, entering my bank account typically on Fridays with two payments the mid-Friday of the month (UM YES PLEASE!) 

Want a glimpse into what the averages look like?

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 12.11.43 PM.png

I want you to ask yourself, what could this income mean for my family? 

Whether its $500 extra dollars a month, or your entire household income completely replaced and tripled. 

Its your time babe. If you've read OR listened this far, I'd take that as a hint thats its about time you stood up for yourself. Its about time you stepped into your power. Its about time you did something that served YOU and your family instead of constantly worrying about what other people think (ahem, your mother). 

Its your time, babe.