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I’ve had this post on my heart for sometime but it never really seemed like the RIGHT time to post. How many of you feel like that about all. the. things in your life?

Today I’m going to tell you the three biggest decisions that I made that fundamentally changed my business. This isn’t going to be one of those fluffy posts that you look so forward to reading because it makes you comfy cozy. This is one of them that you sit down, and get uncomfortable reading because it’s just that… Actions that more than doubled my revenue in the course of six months and flipped my business upside down (in a good way).

You may read this and let out a little sigh because you already do many of these, or you may be like me and let out a little cry because they’re so obvious. Whatever your response, I promise that if you were to put these into action IN YOUR OWN WAY that you will see an immediate difference.

I humbled myself and dug deeper into the things that made me uncomfortable or the things I didn’t know. This one is hard, because it’s so easy as a leader to suddenly think that we’ve made it and know it all. Newsflash: You will never know it all and if you have that mentality, your business will plummet.. FAST! In the network marketing space you see this a lot.

For me, I was very uncomfortable around the topic of personal development. I KNOW… It’s crazy. I did it all the time. I listened to the audiobooks, I read the books, I listened to the podcasts and the coaching trainings. I did all the things but I never really dug deep into the learnings.

Business is my bread and butter. I love business and everything that comes along with it. The hustle, the workload, the training, the coaching. I adore every bit and piece of it and will do it every waking hour, BUT when it came to diving deeper into what I used to call the “softy” side of business, I was NOT participating.

These softy things included stuff like:

  • looking at what was truly in alignment with MY why + goals.

  • diving deep into what lit me up

  • looking at my habits, discovering why I did them and working on that

  • diving deep into my limiting beliefs + figuring out WHY my goals weren't happening

It was funny because the moment I dove into many of these things was the moment that I realized I was self-sabotaging. It was the moment that I realized that to become the best business woman and leader I could be, I had to start to unravel all of these years of being against personal development.

So, what do you have to humble yourself and dive deeper into? Maybe thats learning more about finances or maybe you’re like me and its personal development. It doesn’t matter, but stop ignoring it and get to work!

I asked for the sale. Seriously, I could leave that line there just like that and not leave an explanation but how rude is that. The truth is it is literally as simple as that. How many of us are in network marketing, in a sales based business but are freaking terrified to ask for the sale? I’d be the girl in the middle with her hand held HIGH. Sis… You are worth it, ask for the damn sale.

There are so many women entrepreneurs especially that deal with this and miss out on INCREDIBLE opportunities because of it. I’ve been called it all. Pushy, salesy, schemey. Dude, if you don’t have revenue then you don’t have a business. If you don’t have revenue then you don’t make money.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Do you believe in the product that you are selling to your clients or customers? If you believe in it, I want you to remind yourself why you personally love it so much and share those features and key points with your customers.

I’ve recorded this video here for those of you who are in direct sales (doTERRA specifically.. But it can work for anyone, just plug in your product) and need a little help in the sales department. Check’r out here.

If you’re not the video type, simply put I asked people for the sale. I stopped fearing the close and shared my favorite products with people which always ended in a purchase. When you share the products that you absolutely adore, its a natural sale.

How can you share the Home Essentials Kit in your classes or to your new customers in a way thats authentic to you so that people don’t even think twice about purchasing from you?

I wrote down my goals every single day and I stopped fearing them. Who’s afraid of goals? I can tell you now that they terrified me.

Up until I reached the rank of Diamond in my business, I had never achieved a goal that I had set. One would say that maybe my goals were too out there, or that I wasn’t setting achievable goals.. I was, but the thought of a goal terrified me. It meant that not only was I putting an end date on something, but I was in most instances putting it out to the world.

I remember in my past company setting the goal to reach the rank where I would receive money to put towards a bright and shiny Mercedes purchase. I would tell everyone and anyone that I would meet about this big goal and would ask them for their help in achieving it (I’m drop dead serious). It was gross. It wasn’t the company that told me to do this PS, it was my immature brain that couldn’t comprehend why one would set a goal and not tell the world. BUT, the date of my goal came and went so I set another one and it too came and went. Two years went by and I didn’t have the car and my business was faltering, so I closed up shop and was embarassed because every time someone saw me they’d ask how my goal was going.


That was until I realized that they were completely necessary for me to have a firm understanding of where I was actually going. Every morning I wrote out my five goals that I had for the current year. I used to do it on a scrap pad of paper and recently just upgraded to Rachel Hollis’ Start Today journals. They rock.

As much as I feared goals, I knew that to achieve my goals I had to have a clear understanding of where I was actually going and what I was working towards. I never set end dates for anything however. I set the goals, write them down everyday but don’t tie myself to a specific date or time that it has to be achieved by.

I hope this helps you + I hope that you can take your business to the next level this year!!