Freedom without Sacrificing Your Social Life

I get it.

A social life was and still is a huge component of my life, so why would I sacrifice that?

I have major FOMO when it comes to missing things because I adore the company of my close friends + some family.

Early on in my business, this was the first thing to go. I started to miss friendly get togethers, miss family dinners, miss sporting events, and it really hurt me. It broke my heart but I thought it was a necessary component of being successful. I really didn't know any better, so I'm here to teach you my tools of the trade.

I had the mindset of work your life for four years like no one else so you can live in four years like no one else will, and was full in on my plans BUT what I didn’t realize was that, that life I was creating was nothing without my friends + family. I knew right then that I had to make time for both my business and my life.

Whether you are a current network marketer, whether you have watched my journey + want to get involved but feared sacrificing everything or whether you are a small business owner who soaks up all the tricks you can.

I wanted to share it all with you today, especially how I managed to build a successful business while still maintaining a social life (I was 22 after all).

Schedule your days

I cannot push this enough. This was and continues to be one of the most important parts of my business. Early on, I wasn't scheduling my business so I worked all the time. Once I started to schedule my days, it was easy to see just how crazy I was being. When you schedule your time and have a certain amount of time to sit down and get work done, you are hyper focused. I’ll get into this a bit more when I talk about time!

I schedule my family life and then work in my work schedule. I typically work 9-3 so that the moment Aaron walks in the door I can be present. Most nights we have dinner and he’s off to hockey so sometimes my work hours take a break and extend into the evening. Discover a schedule that works for YOU and stick to it.

Communicate with your family + friends

This one right here is definitely the most comfortable thing I ever had to do in my business. Communicating with your friends, family + loved ones how important your business is to you, your goals and vision is going to make turning down invites or having to take calls around dinner time that much easier.

I had to let my friends know what I was creating, where we were going so that if I had to turn down a get together they understood why. It strengthened the relationships I had with the ones who understood and pulled me apart from the ones that just didn’t get it. But those aren’t your people, so don’t stress out about it.

Have a standing social night scheduled with friends

I know, here we come back to scheduling your time but now that you have a successful business that you’re running sometimes its going to be important to have things on the calendar.

Schedule a once a month night out with friends. We have some friends that we have one night a month scheduled and that night is always booked off in my calendar. Whether or not we go out or stay in or cancel our plans, thats a social night where I get the chance to let loose and enjoy myself. No business, just total fun and because its scheduled, I’m good with it!