Yup, its the question I get the most. Like so much so that I created a course on it.

“How do I get attention on social?”

“How do I work the algorithms"?”

“What should I post?”

The truth is there really isn’t the perfect way to grow your social presence but there is a RIGHT way.

First and foremost, know your brand. The number one way to get noticed is to build a personal brand. Before you get all freaked out and panicked, it’s not as difficult or as much work as you think. A personal brand is how your community and the world sees you. Branding took me a very long time to figure out, but once I figured it out, my social following AND impact grew exponentially. I offer an e-course on helping you figure out your personal branding. It’s incredibly important and its a topic that lights me up!

Focus on the platforms that you’re really good at. Social media is an amazing resource to grow your business, but just because your business has to be on social media doesn’t mean you should be everywhere. It can be so tempting to be everywhere but I’ve watched too many people be spread thin by trying to keep up with everything. Focus on the social networks that you’re good at number one, and second focus on the networks that match your target audience. Most millennials are on Instagram and slowly but surely Facebook is shifting to an older crowd, LinkedIn is going to be your professionals and Twitter? Who the heck knows about Twitter. Always remember its quality over quantity when it comes to social!

Stay consistent. You start out on social, create your profile and you load it up with some posts but in a few weeks the excitement will start to wear off. I know I’m being a bit of a negative Nancy but I’m a realist and have to lay it out for you as it is. I don’t have the time to sit at the computer everyday and try to brainstorm posts that I want to put up. I hate to say it but social media requires some planning. I was super resistant to it for a long time and was worried that it would come across inauthentic but it actually grew my social following and presence tenfold. My first tip for you is to batch create social media posts once a week. I schedule a few hours in once a week to sit down and brainstorm a weeks worth of posts and I schedule it. My second tip is to invest in a program that you can schedule your posts into. I use an app called Planoly and its absolutely incredible, but find something that works the best for you! Third, hire a photographer or buy stock images to use. I have a photographer that takes new photos for me seasonally and I invest in stock images so that my feed flows and looks fresh. Having images makes the process of creation a heck of a lot easier.

Create conversation. Theres literally nothing worse than watching people on social media get caught up in the show. They post, offering little to no value and don’t engage. A huge key to building a following + gaining traction is to create conversation with your community. Respond to comments, like peoples comments and think of it as a conversation instead of a one man show. Keep the social in social media!

Value, value, value. Every single time I put up a post I ask myself if I would like and read the post. If not, I won’t post it. Is it something thats valuable and adds something to someones life? Is it something that I would share with my friends? If so, then its a goodie. If not, its either in defence to something that happened, is showing something off or isn’t useful. This is why the topic of branding is so incredibly important so that you know what your target is and you know who you’re speaking to. Provide content that your community or tribe will connect with and keep it real.

For an even more in depth, deep dive into social media head over to check out my social media master class bundle.