I've Got My Oils, Now What? Your First Month

You've enrolled, your kit was drop shipped to your door, the box has been sitting on your counter staring at you, now what? 

The key with using oils is forming habits right off the bat. Making oil use habitual will lead to an easy transition from what we currently know to one free of synthetics or harmful chemicals. 

Introducing oils into your home should be one thats free of overwhelm + sets you up for a lifetime of oily success.


A simple evening routine:

+ pop the diffuser out of the box and set it up in your bedroom adding in two drops lavender + two drops breathe/easy air about an hour before bedtime

+ run the bath and add two drops lavender and two drops frankincense to a cup of scent free epsom salts. Soak for as long as you wish with a Spotify playlist of your choice

+ if you prefer a shower, add one drop of breathe/easy air to the back of the shower and inhale deeply, letting your day go and opening up your airways before bed

+ add one drop frankincense to your serum or moisturizer and give yourself a facial massage paying special attention to your temples and under your eyes (we hold the most tension here)

+ before hopping into bed for the night, give yourself a shoulder and neck massage with one drop deep blue and one drop lavender. Apply the remainder to the soles of your feet for sweet sweet zzz


Your first week using oils is the absolute perfect time to play around with recipes + DIY's and to familiarize yourself with their uses. If you're every needing some further guidance, this blog here breaks down the top ten oils and some of our fave uses for them. Its an awesome one to bookmark!

Your first week would also be the perfect time to snag yourself some DIY products so that having your oils directly at your fingertips is both easy + overwhelm-free. 

Heres where we stock up on some of our goodies:

Oil Resources:

You can snag both The Essential Life Book + Modern Essentials at any of the below stores. You may be able to find both of them on Amazon but chances are you will pay a little bit more money. 

CAD: My Essential Business (located in Toronto + allows for you to pickup if you wish!)

USD: Aromatools (you will pay a bit more in shipping from this company if in Canada)


Roller Bottlers, Spray Bottles + Containers



DIY Supplies (Castile Soap, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, etc)

I always order my coconut oil from doTERRA but all of the below places will also sell it. The quality is amazing + it is completely scent free. I use this one for all my DIY projects but also use it on my body and to oil pull with in the mornings. 

  • Your local grocery store (most groceries have the products you're looking for above. You can find your hardened coconut oil anywhere and most stores will sell fractionated coconut oil)

  • Costco (they have both large tubs of hardened coconut oil and liquid coconut oil at a fraction of the cost. You can also stock up on your white vinegar + baking soda here!)

  • Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

  • Well.ca


Your first month will be all about getting super comfortable using your oils. My hope is that through Month One, you will start to DIY some products and start to experiment with what oils work the best for you!

Simple + Easy Morning Routine

+ add two drops of lemon essential oil into a tall glass or stainless steal bottle 

+ set up your diffusers, fill with water and diffuse my morning blend of three drops peppermint, three drops lemon

+ add one drop cinnamon to your coffee grounds before brewing for the most delicious, blood sugar balancing coffee

+ add one drop of on guard to your kiddos (and yours!) toes before school or daycare to boost their immune system

+ toss all veggie/fruit ingredients for your days recipes into a sink full of water and five drops of lemon essential oil to pull the waxy substances off the surface

+ once you've completed your morning routine, toss your tooth brushes into a glass jar of water and five drops of on guard. Do this once a week to improve your oral hygiene!

Simple + Easy Evening Routine

+ setup the diffuser in your kitchen and diffuser two drops lavender and three drops lemon to start winding down for the eve

+ using a clean cloth, wet + drop two drops lemon and two drops on guard to wipe down counters, stove and tables before bed

+ add two drops lemon to your dishwasher detergent for some added degreasing properties

+ apply one drop of frankincense to the back of the neck and two drops lavender to the toes for sweet dreams


I hope that your first oily month has been an exciting one and that oil use has become something that is second nature. They sure are the best!

If you haven't yet started on your oil journey (and were just preparing yourself for when you receive your box of goodies) pop over here to get started or email me brittanyamclean@gmail.com to get started. 

B xo