It’s the question that I get the absolute most SO I figured I would walk you guys through my everyday makeup routine. I’ve learned everything I know from Youtube so please don’t think I’m a pro at this or anything. My makeup choices range from Shoppers Drug Mart finds to Holt Renfrew. I love it all!

Enjoy the video below and take a peak at the pics below to snag my faves.

My Sunday Routine

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 4.33.13 PM.png

Ever since my corporate days, Sunday has always been the day of the week where I take extra good care of myself. We’re talking teeth whitening, hair masks, face masks and a good ‘ol leg shave of course. Cause who has time for that during the week? Pfft.

Need some fresh new ideas to implement into your Sunday routine? Try some of mine!

  1. Hair. You best bet that I spend most of my Sunday with a hair mask caked into my hair. I try not to wash my hair more than once a week so I usually save that for Sundays. I’ll toss them in midday and let them sit for the majority of the day and shower before bed. Theres a few masks that I’ve made AND bought over the years, so let me list them out for you in order of faves.

  2. Skincare. I’ve talked about my skincare routine but Sundays are the day where I take even more time to nourish my skin. While my hair soaks I’ll usually toss on a sheet mask (I love Farmacy anything from Sephora) or will put on a nice heavy coat of Yarrow|Pom to sink in throughout the day.

  3. Teeth. This is super weird for some people but this is probably my favorite part of my Sunday routine because I see quick results. I’ve used a ton of different products for my teeth, but between the two I’m currently using I am seeing wicked results:

    • Activated Charcoal: Dip into a tooth brush and brush onto your teeth. Let sit for a few minutes then rinse

    • On Guard whitening toothpaste: follow up with a good dose of this! So yummy and you’ll be shocked by the results!

  4. Hands + Feet. Ok, don’t make fun of me but ever since I was a kiddo I would witness my mama walking around with a good dose of lotion on her hands and feet followed by a pair of socks (yes, on her hands too). I’ve been LOVING putting doTERRA body butter and a few sprays of Beautiful body spray and letting it soak into my hands and feet. The socks help it soak in and reminds you to get off your devices because you can’t type of scroll. Hah!

My Sunday routine makes me feel like I spent a day at the spa without leaving my house!! How do you spend your Sundays?

My Favourites For Girls Night

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Something you may not know about me is that a) I absolutely love hosting parties at our house and b) theres nothing I love more than a girls night. Getting together with my besties, sipping champagne or wine, snacking on the best treats + talking is the best gift to me.

I always say that I should’ve been an event planner because truly I love planning an event or get together (I have an entire blog coming up on planning events) so I wanted to share with you the must haves for a night in with the ladies.

First step, plan ahead. I cannot preface this enough and I’ve hosted enough get togethers where I am not planned at all. I have the wine but when it comes to snacks, I’m putting things out when the girls get there and mixing up the dips and it takes away from the experience. I make sure to have a planned menu (this is so simple and is literally only so you know what you need when you get your groceries), and will mix up anything that has to be mixed or cook anything that needs cooking the day of and will toss into glass containers. This makes for super easy heating + when everyone arrives I just need to toss everything out onto the counter and we’re good to go.

Good alcohol or a fancy mixed drink. Hey, I’m 26 and love to drink so you thought I’d forget to put this in? No way. The key to an amazing girls night is a fancy drink. I used to love serving a simple champagne or wine (which I’ll share my faves with you below!) but lately I’ve been switching it up and mixing something fancy. I’m obsessed with a new drink called an almond colada (literally, equal parts lime vodka or vodka with lime eo, almond milk and pineapple juice) or mixing up an easy sangria with white wine, an array of juices and whatever fruit I have on hand. If you’re not the fancy drink type, heres a list of my absolute favorite alcohols to have on hand:

  • Stoneyridge pinot grigio: BUT only the peachy coloured one. A certain batch of pinot from 2016 went peach coloured and it made for the absolute best tasting wine in all the land.

  • Prosecco: I’m honestly not picky when it comes to Prosecco. BONUS: Prosecco scores the lowest in sugar content if you’re a champagne or wine gal

  • Champagne: Again, not super picky and to be honest I usually just stick with prosecco BUT champagne is a bit sweeter if you’re into that

  • St. Germain Elderflower Liquor: I’m not sure if theres anything more girly then this stuff. It’s delicious mixed with soda + lime OR add a shot into a glass of champagne and you’re laughing!

Good food, duh. Can you actually have a girls night without snacks? Real question is can you have a few drinks without snacks? LOL. I love dips for girls night and they’re usually a huge hit because they’re easy for the host and they’re super inexpensive. You can never go wrong with guac (especially with lime + black pepper eo), a jalapeño or olive hummus (hello!) or peach salsa and chips. I’ll be honest, I usually purchase most of my dips from local stores (Victoria Street Market or Vincenzos if you’re in the Kitchener/Waterloo area).

Music or a funny show. I don’t often get the chance to watch movies with my girlies and when a girls night rolls around we love to chat it up, BUT it is fun to have something playing in the background. Any chill hits or coffeehouse style playlists on Spotify are awesome or a comedy like Amy Schumers or anything on Netflix is fun. It fills the silence and gives you all something to laugh about

Is there anything that I missed that you and your girlfriends love?! Share!

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I get asked ALL the dang time what I wear, what I eat, what I use on my skin, etc SO I decided to put together a series called All of My Favorite Things. I’ll pop in here monthly and share with you what I’m loving at the time with links to buy them if you’d like!

Enjoy + share away!

  1. AE Nexxt Level Extra High Waisted Jeggings - Ok, seriously these are life changing. Nobody has time for a creeping butt crack out of the top of their jeans AND a gigantic muffin top. Or at least I don’t have time for those things in my life SO thank heavens to American Eagle for inventing the cutest high waisted jeans in all the land. I’m 5’9” and wear the regular length and they are perfect without a cuff. If I wanna cuff them I usually snag the long ones. They’re stretchy as all heck and will quickly become your all time fave!

  2. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream - Don’t kill me because this product is going to be a fave of yours and it isn’t the cheapest. Before you say anything, yes I believe in natural products BUT I also believe in using products that work incredibly well for my skin and this one fits the bill. It’s thick and the most nourishing product I’ve ever used. I add a drop or two of Yarrow Pom to it every night and let my skin thank me. My once dry skin is the happiest its ever been.

  3. Start Today Journal (Spring Edition) - I’ve been using the Start Today journal for the past three months and I must say that I’m completely obsessed. Launched by Rachel Hollis, this journal allows you to write down your goals and dreams every single morning. We know that writing them down everyday helps them come true, so why not do it in the cutest journal ever?

  4. Sam Edelman Halton Block Heel - I’m sorry because this is sold out in most places BUT if you ever find a pair of tens send them my way because they’re literally the shit. Gimme all the things leopard! They’re so cute with a dress, simple ripped jeans or ripped to shreds boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt. They’re the most versatile heels I’ve met and the comfiest.

  5. Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream - I’ve never used a CC cream that not only transformed my skin but also gave me epic coverage. It’s absolutely incredible and has become my everyday use foundation.

  6. Coconut Gel Hydrating Sheet Mask - This sheet mask is literally the shit. I’ve never used a mask more hydrating in my entire life. I share this in my blog on the products I bring on the plane BUT I use this sheet mask on every trip I take. I toss it on midway through the flight, toss a podcast in my ears and let it get to work. YUP, I’m that girl but at least I’m the gal walking off the plane with glowing skin.

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 10.03.51 AM.png

Whether you’ve been with your significant other for two weeks, two years or twenty years, it can be easy to fall into a date night rut. In our house when life got busy it was usually the first thing to go. Now, its a weekly occurrence and I schedule my life around it. Sometimes its super simple (apps or a drink out) and sometimes its an elaborate plan (like a night away), but regardless of the plan we make sure we make the time for it.

  1. Make it active. We love to take the occasional ‘active’ date night out. We love challenging each other and some friendly competition so we enjoy trying a new activity together. Whether it be bowling or rock climbing or a spin class, try something new! We love rock climbing followed by dinner and drinks!

  2. Trade who gets to pick. This is super fun because it gives both of you the chance to try favorite places of yours or try something new. It’s fun keeping it a surprise!

  3. Stay in and make dinner together. Why does date night always have to be out? I remember early on in our relationship when we really couldn’t afford a date night out so we made it a priority at home. We’d pick a new recipe to try together, or a new movie to watch. Regardless of what we did, our phones were away and we had each others undivided attention.

  4. Try a new class together. Painting, pottery, cooking… It doesn’t matter what but book a workshop to do together and enjoy learning something new with your forever fave!

  5. Go to a conference. Honestly, for most people this wouldn’t necessarily make your list for date nights but its a fave of mine. I love learning and growing together and in the long run it strengthens your relationship!