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Once you learn about the 11,000 chemicals that hide in North American makeup, theres no unlearning. I knew that the products I was using weren’t necessarily clean, but I didn’t realize they were THIS bad.

We live in a world where there are ZERO pre-market tests required on our makeup and skincare products. Along with that, over the course of 36 years the FDA has only rejected 11 ingredients in cosmetics. Before you say well we live in Canada, we actually follow the exact same rules as the FDA when it comes to the products we use on our body. Insane, eh?

Did you know that their are still thousands of chemicals hiding in our products that are hormone disrupting, cancer causing, and highly toxic to our respiratory system?

I spent one Sunday afternoon scanning up all of the products that I was using at the time into the Think Dirty app. You can also use the EWG Skin Deep Database (thats what I used below). This will pop out a score out of 10 (10 being the worst) based off of the ingredients. Not only that, it will show you WHY the score is so bad and which portion of your body is being the most disrupted. Its cool and scary at the same time.

Over the course of the past four years, I’ve tried everything and am happy to report back to you on all of the products I love and why. The best part? All of the things that I share below are available from Sephora or Ulta (if you’re in the US).

Are they the absolute cleanest things on the market? Definitely not, but I also need things to be accessible, fairly priced and they have to work. Otherwise whats the point?


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That’s the first thing that stood out to me when I popped onto their website. They produce all of their products without the top 5 ingredients that wreak havoc on our bodies. The only thing that they have yet to eliminate is Fragrance BUT its typically in limited quantities in makeup. I make sure to avoid their sprays or oils and stick with just their makeup for this reason.

Here’s what I use from Tarte:

  • Shape Tape Contour Concealer (only available from the US but GET IT! It’s incredible!) This is rated a TWO on the Skin Deep Database

  • Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation (Rated a 3 on Skin Deep)

  • Clay Stick Foundation (Rated a 2 on Skin Deep)

  • Amazonian Clay Mascara (Rated 3 on Skin Deep)

  • Amazonian Clay Blush (Rated a 3 on Skin Deep)

Bare Minerals

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Although I don’t ADORE Bare Minerals, I do love visiting their website and seeing this on the main page. Its a product line that has been around for years and was actually one of the very first makeups that I used when I was a kid.

Again, they have eliminated the majority of the harmful chemicals that are in our products except for Fragrance. I must say that they do not use a ton of fragrance in their cosmetics which is a plus.

Their products don’t score as low as Tarte even though they have eliminated more things from their products.

Here’s what I do use and love from Bare Minerals:

  • Bare Pro Liquid Foundation (Rated a Four on Skin Deep)

  • Mineral Veil (Two on Skin Deep)

  • A Little Sun All Over Face Colour (Not yet rated)

  • Gen Nude Liquid Lipstick (Rated Five on Skin Deep)


This brand here is on Sephora online only but is one of my absolute favourites. My sister got me hooked a couple of years ago and I never turned back.

Antonym certified natural and organic makeup combines the latest technology with clean ingredients, eco friendly packaging and zero tolerance for animal cruelty. The high performance range strives to offer the best organic makeup, which consists of highlighter, eye shadows, lipstick pencils, mascara, eye pencils, foundations, blushes. Antonym products are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, petrochemicals or phthalates. Each product is certified by Ecocert ensuring the origin of the ingredients and also serves as quality control standard for manufacturing, packaging and storage. Antonym is 100% cruelty free makeup.

Their products are not yet rated BUT when I entered in the ingredients individually I never got more than a score of three which is great for an awesome performing makeup.

Heres what I love:

  • Baked Highlighting Blush

  • Baked Blush

  • Quattro Eyeshadow

  • Skin Esteem Liquid Foundation

What’s your favorite brand?! I’m always looking for clean products that don’t compromise on performance!